Small Plates

Gayoso Con Queso
smoked poblano peppers, green chiles, white cheddar & anejo cheeses, pico de gallo, fresh corn tortilla chips

Loflin Brisket Poutine
house-smoked brisket, smoked gouda & mozzarella, creamy slaw, scratch gravy, frank’s hot onion frites

Brisket Tacos
cotija cheese, lime crema, avocado, pickled watermelon radish, fire-roasted tomato salsa

House-Smoked Sausage &
Cheese Plate

texas white q and hickory sauce, grilled bread

Charred Romaine Salad
cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, grana padano, parmesan, peppercorn, toasted baguette

Hickory-Smoked Salmon
faroe island salmon, roasted garlic & chive cream cheese spread, toast points, cucumber salad

Seasonal Marinated Grilled Vegetable Platter
fine herbs, chimichurri tzatziki, roasted peanut pesto, grilled bread

house rub, green goddess sauce, pickled cucumber salad, chili garlic sauce


Smoked Beef Brisket Po Boy
horseradish & roasted garlic aioli, fire-roasted tomato, arugula, frank’s hot onion frites

House-Smoked Turkey Torta
chimichurri aioli, avocado, lettuce, baby swiss, tomato

Grilled Vegetable Focaccia
roasted peanut pesto, basil mayo, baby lettuce, EVOO 



Grilled Vegetables

Creamy House Slaw

Street Corn

Red Beans & Rice

Family Style Plates

Beef Brisket
with loflin mop sauce

Espresso & Maple-Rubbed Pulled Pork
with texas white q and hickory sauce

House-Smoked Turkey
with chimichurri tzatziki

Trio Smoked Meat Platter
three sauces, creamy slaw, grilled bread

Plates include choice of two sides & smoked sausage.